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Procedural Dermatology

Mohs Micrographic Surgery



Texas A&M University / Main Campus
Bachelor of Science (1990)

Baylor College of Medicine
Medical Doctor (1993)

Tripler Army Medical Center
Internship (1994)

Martin Army Community Hospital
Family Medicine Residency (1999)

Masters Of Business Administration (2009)

National Capital Consortium (Walter Reed Army Medical Center)
Dermatology Residency (2012)

Fellow, American Academy of Dermatology

Diplomate, American Board of Dermatology

Associate, American Society of Mohs Surgery

Member, American Society of Dermatologic Surgery

Why Rural Dermatology?

I am a former Airborne Army Officer and Navy Diver who was privileged to take care of Soldiers in harm’s way on deployments to South America, Sub-Sahara Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan. During my 22 year career, I was awarded a Soldiers Medal, a Bronze Star and a Legion of Merit among others. Before retiring from the Army, I learned the advantage of caring for our Nation’s men and women where they were instead of bringing them back to the big military medical centers. I believe that same model will work well to serve the wide-open spaces in Texas.

Local. Now that I am no longer in uniform, I get to care for the rest of the population including husbands and wives, children and grandparents. I love taking care of my patients and being a part of their lives and their skin care success. By serving you closer to home, I am encouraged to travel to see patients in their home towns instead of making countless individuals travel to see me in Dallas, Austin or Waco. I respect my patients and their desires for preventive, surgical and aesthetic health care.

Trusted. My goal has always been to earn your trust: one referral, one relationship, one result at a time. I built my reputation as a specialist resource and partner with the primary care provider. Every patient encounter is an opportunity to bring dermatology solutions to the individual. I do not need to be the biggest program, but I am committed to bringing you the best teams. Our mission is to provide exceptional medical care to our patients and to develop the vibrant, outstanding teams that will continue to earn your trust. My reputation is also built by each patient visit. I am humbled to have the support and confidence of the communities where I work.

Proven Character. My commitment is to exceptional patient care. Because I understand that the right path is not necessarily the easy choice, I will always advocate tirelessly for the best options and treatment choices for my patients. I prioritize building partnerships that will benefit both individuals and communities. My first specialty of Family Medicine enabled me to serve the operational units in the battlefield. My current specialty of Dermatology allows me to fight for each patient in the unique challenges of the skin.

I want to succeed in delivering dermatology and surgery to folks that need it- where they need it and when they need it. I want to be a valued member of each patient’s health care success. I was honored to serve the country for 22 years, and now I look forward to serving the families of Central Texas for the next 20 years.

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